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Product Credit

Trade credit

Some of our clients are offered a trade credit. Your application will be processed within five days (if a full set of documents is available). The number of days for deferred payment is defined individually. Required documents:

  1. 1. Application (area sales managers have the forms)
  2. 2. VAT identification number or the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities certificate
  3. 3. Minutes of the General Meeting of Members (for OOO (OJSC))
  4. 4. Minutes of the Meeting of Shareholders (for ZAO (CJSC))
  5. 5. Articles of association (full version)
  6. 6. Decision on director’s appointment
  7. 7. Decision on director’s accession to office
  8. 8. Decision on chief accountant’s accession to office
  9. 9. Extract from the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities
  10. 10. Signature authority proxy (if the director doesn’t sign contracts)
  11. 11. Property lease agreement (full version), or certificate of ownership
  12. 12. Other documents, if necessary