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“Russkij Servis” company sells and delivers high-quality food products to grocery stores in Moscow and Moscow region. The wide range of goods (more than 1500 positions) is always available:

OАО “Berezovskij meat canning plant” (OJSC) Canned meat. Belarus

SPK “Agrokombinat “Snov” (SEC) Canned meat. Belarus

OAO “Slonim peat processing plant” (OJSC) Canned meat. Belarus

OAO “Rogachev milk canning plant” (OJSC) Condensed milk. Belarus

OAO “Glubokoye milk canning plant” (OJSC) Condensed milk. Belarus

OAO “Turov canning plant” (OJSC) Canned vegetables. Belarus

OAO “Lidskoe pivo” (OJSC) Beer, beverages, kvass. Belarus

ТМ Lorado

ZAO Bulgarconserv (CJSC)

ТМ Bonduelle

ТМ Borges

ТМ Monini

ТМ Iberica

ТМ Maestro de Oliva


ТМ «Chestnyj produkt»

ТМ Noyan

ТМ Kaija

ТМ «Исток»

ТМ «Zoloto Baltiki»

ТМ «Baltijskij standart»

ТМ SonnaMera

ТМ Original

ТМ «Stoev»

ТМ «Garnec»

We offer mutually beneficial terms of cooperation and reasonable prices. Goods are shipped by box and by piece.

All the products we offer are fully certified.

It’s very easy to join us: call 8 (977) 809-34-74, 8 (977) 788-17-87.

“Russkij Servis”: delivery of high-quality food products at a favorable price!